RH's Disappointing Earnings Shake the Stock, but Wells Fargo is Bullish

RH's disappointing earnings and delayed catalog release highlight challenges, but Wells Fargo remains optimistic about the company's potential.

True Loves Splurge on 'The 12 Days of Christmas' Gifts

The prices for 'The 12 Days of Christmas' gifts have risen by 2.7%, totaling $46,729.86, with higher wages for skilled performers being a major factor.

Hensoldt to Raise Share Capital for Growth

Hensoldt, a German military supplier, plans to raise share capital by 10% to support expansion efforts and finance recent acquisitions.

Nvidia's Dominance in AI Chips

Despite competition, Nvidia remains at the forefront of the AI chip industry with its strong product roadmap, favorable valuation, and established market domina...

Teck Resources Embraces Wind Propulsion for Sustainable Shipping

Teck Resources joins forces with Oldendorff Carriers to implement wind propulsion on a bulk carrier vessel, reducing emissions by 55%.

Becton Dickinson Receives FDA Clearance for Innovative Blood Collection Device

The BD MiniDraw Capillary Blood Collection System by Becton Dickinson revolutionizes blood collection with high-quality results, eliminating the need for specia...

Power Grid Corp. of India Ltd. Shares Rally

Power Grid Corp. of India Ltd. rallied 2.43% to reach a closing price of ₹229.85, surpassing its previous 52-week high. Compared to rivals, it underperformed as...

Energy Futures Contracts Experience Steep Declines

Energy futures contracts are experiencing significant declines, impacting spot markets and leading to lower gasoline and diesel fuel prices. Inventories and ref...

U.K. Stocks Close Higher, FTSE 100 Index Up 0.34%

The U.K. stock market ended on a positive note with the FTSE 100 Index up 0.34%. Read about the top gainers and losers, as well as updates on currency and commo...

U.S. Crude Oil Inventories Decrease More Than Expected

U.S. crude oil inventories experienced a larger-than-anticipated decrease, reaching a total of 445 million barrels. This marks the first decline in stocks in se...