Keller Group Reports Positive Outlook for Second Half of 2023

Keller Group, a leading geotechnical specialist contractor, reports significant profit growth and positive outlook for the second half of 2023. Impressive resul...

Makita Shares Surge on Strong Q1 Results

Makita's first-quarter results show a surge in share prices due to lower operating costs and a weakened yen. Despite a decline in revenue, the company remains o...

Woodward Raises Sales and Earnings Guidance

Woodward announces increased annual sales and earnings guidance following a strong Q3 performance, exceeding expectations.

Apple's Upcoming Earnings: A Crucial Indicator for Markets

Apple's upcoming earnings report will provide insights into consumer spending and its impact on the economy. Investors and analysts will closely examine the res...

DHL Owner Deutsche Post Q2 Results

Deutsche Post, the owner of DHL, is scheduled to release its second-quarter financial results. Analysts anticipate lower revenue and potential guidance upgrade.

U.S. Futures Show Little Movement

Futures for the S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average in the U.S. remained largely unchanged, indicating a lack of clear direction for the market. European m...

Phoenix Swelters in Record-Breaking Heat

Phoenix is facing an unprecedented heatwave with record-breaking temperatures, while wildfires rage in California. Animals seek relief from the heat, while vuln...

Yellow Corp. Shuts Down as Bankruptcy Looms

Yellow Corp., a prominent trucking company, has ceased operations ahead of an imminent bankruptcy filing, creating uncertainty for employees and customers.

Canadian National Railway to Modernize 60 Locomotives

Canadian National Railway is partnering with Wabtec to modernize 60 locomotives, aiming to improve reliability, fuel efficiency, and sustainability. This collab...

ServiceNow Reports Doubled Quarterly Earnings and Strong Subscription Sales

ServiceNow Inc. reports doubled quarterly earnings and strong subscription sales, with a significant increase in revenue and successful cloud-based approach.