NJ Fuel Retailers Vs. Congressional Plan

New Jersey fuel retailers oppose Congressional plan to eliminate reserve, crucial for energy security and stability. They stress importance of safeguarding agai...

Cryptocurrency Frenzy Boosts Coinbase

Coinbase sees a surge in stock price amidst the ongoing cryptocurrency rally, driven by rising Bitcoin prices and increased trading activity. Other crypto-relat...

Meta's Decision on News Publishers

Meta's decision to focus on user preferences for short-form video content has reignited discussions about compensating news publishers, affecting the media land...

Leadership Changes at NY Community Bancorp

NY Community Bancorp faces leadership changes, accounting weaknesses, and stock drop, aiming to enhance operational effectiveness.

Canada's Slimmed-Down Drug Plan

Canada's government presents a slimmed-down version of a universal drug plan, reducing costs and paving the way for implementation.

Pending Home Sales Decline

The largest drop in pending home sales since August 2023 signals market shift due to rising mortgage rates. Expert commentary highlights economic conditions and...

CRH Fourth-Quarter Earnings Report

CRH reports weaker-than-expected fourth-quarter numbers, but shares rise on anticipated infrastructure growth. CEO optimistic for 2024.

SMCP Sees Drop in Shares Following Lower Earnings

SMCP shares fell after lower earnings due to inflation and reduced spending. The company won't disclose targets for 2024 amid economic uncertainties. Strategies...

U.K. Stock Market Update

Discover the recent performance of the U.K. stock market, top increases and decreases, and currency/commodity updates.

Virgin Galactic Ticket Prices Surge

Virgin Galactic sees a surge in ticket prices, plans for Galactic 07 mission, addresses pin issue, future Delta class development on track.