Slowdown in Australian Manufacturing Sector Continues

Activity in Australia's manufacturing sector is facing a slowdown, bringing about a reduction in inflation risks. The recent figure represents the lowest readin...

The Potential Reallocations of Cash in Money-Market Funds

With a staggering $6 trillion sitting in money-market funds, investors are considering reallocating cash into carefully selected risk assets.

BRP Reports Lower Third-Quarter Profit and Revenue

Canadian leisure-vehicle manufacturer BRP reports lower profit and revenue in Q3 due to weaker international demand. Revised guidance for next fiscal year.

Natural Gas Inventories Expected to Decline Again

Natural gas inventories are expected to experience another decline as a result of increased demand caused by cold weather. Forecasts predict a milder start to D...

Synopsys Reports Higher Than Expected Quarterly Profit

Synopsys reports higher-than-expected quarterly profits, exceeding revenue and earnings projections. CEO discusses plans to utilize AI in chip-design business.

Australian Housing Market Shows Signs of Cooling

The Australian housing market experienced a notable slowdown in price gains, signaling a potential cooling off period. Despite the slowdown, the national Home V...

Unemployment in the Eurozone Remains Stable in October

The jobless rate in the eurozone remained unchanged at 6.5% in October, with minor increases in unemployment and youth unemployment rates. Major economies withi...

Tesla Cybertruck First Deliveries in Texas

Tesla is set to debut the Cybertruck in Texas, with analysts predicting a positive impact on sales. Get details on pricing, stock performance, and more.

Siltronic Projects Sales and Earnings Growth by 2028

Siltronic expects sales to exceed 2.2 billion euros by 2028, driven by increasing demand for semiconductors. The company aims for an EBITDA margin between 30% a...

Bilibili Shares Plunge on Q3 Net Loss

Bilibili shares plummet as Q3 net loss exceeds expectations, leading to a drop in share prices. Despite an increase in revenue, lower-than-expected mobile game...