Alibaba and Stocks Fall as Chinese Exports Decline

Alibaba and stocks took a hit as Chinese exports declined, while imports unexpectedly rose. This has implications for China's economy and e-commerce gian...

The Impact of Presidential Elections on the Stock Market

Discover how presidential elections can impact the stock market and what historical data reveals about their implications. Get insights into investor concerns,...

U.S. Banks Expect Net Interest Income to Stabilize

Big U.S. banks expect their net interest income to stabilize in the next few quarters, dependent on consumer deposit costs. Analysts highlight attractive bank m...

Bank of Japan Unlikely to End Negative Interest Rates

Governor Kazuo Ueda suggests that the Bank of Japan will maintain negative interest rates until they achieve their 2% inflation target, despite challenges and u...

Premier African Minerals Faces Challenges at Zulu Lithium and Tantalum Project

London-listed miner Premier African Minerals experiences a 15% decline in shares as challenges at Zulu lithium and tantalum project jeopardize order fulfillment...

Concerns for NIO and the Electric Vehicle Market

NIO's layoffs raise concerns for the EV market, potential implications for NIO and Tesla. Record-breaking sales in China provide some reassurance.

Fox Factory Holding Faces Sales Slump

Fox Factory Holding experiences sales decline as revenue drops and strikes impact performance. Acquisition of Marucci Sports announced.

Nio Takes Steps to Boost Viability Amidst Rising Competition

Nio is implementing measures to improve its viability amidst rising competition and mounting losses. Job cuts and investment reductions will be made to combat i...

Naver Reports Impressive Q3 Growth

Naver announces a significant increase in net profit for Q3 thanks to strong performance in e-commerce, paid-content, and cloud-computing businesses.

PayPal's Stock Sees Strong Gains

PayPal's stock is surging in value as Wall Street shows optimism for the company's new leadership team and plans for growth.