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About Superalgos

Superalgos is a product of the company of the same name. Officially, it was organized in 2018, but it started its work a little earlier. Despite its youth, the brand has a good reputation and is a well-known supplier of trading instruments. We cannot provide you with additional information about the company due to the lack of it. Such secrecy causes a certain mistrust and is a crucial disadvantage.

Superalgos has its trading platform. It is ideal for copy trading and has a simple and accessible interface. The platform is entirely free, so traders will not incur additional costs. Users can also use their trading terminals. The Superalgos robot is easy to install on devices with various operating systems. This makes it as versatile as possible and accessible to everyone.

The trading robot is freely available. It can be downloaded for free and without any restrictions. This feature makes it popular with people who cannot afford the extra expenses. Also, the bot will be the best option for beginners who want to get acquainted with the work of such advisors. Due to the absence of the need to pay money, no tariff plans are provided. Customer support leaves many questions. It does not work very quickly, so the best way to get answers to questions is via social networks or a forum.

Features of use

Superalgos is a simple and affordable robot. Most often, the process of its operation does not cause difficulties, even for novice traders. However, to avoid potential problems, the prescribed sequence of actions must be followed.


  1. Go to the official web resource of Superalgos. At the top of the main page, click on "Download.”
  2. On the page that opens, explore the capabilities of the robot and the proprietary trading platform. After that, click on "Download from GitHub.”
  3. You will be redirected to another site where you download the installation file.
  4. After the process is completed, complete the installation. It is carried out in several stages and takes no more than 5 minutes.
  5. Log in to your account on proprietary or previously used platform (for example, MT4).
  6. In the settings menu, select the type of connection using the API, then click on the robot's name.
  7. Set trading parameters and then launch the bot.

Using all the features of the robot is quite simple. Despite this, you need to know a few essential elements. Superalgos review will help you get acquainted with them.

Key features:

Installation To install the robot on your computer, tablet, smartphone, or another device, you must have at least 1 GB of free space. In addition, it is essential to use gadgets with an ample supply of RAM. Otherwise, the possibilities of the graphical interface will be severely limited.
Safety The use of API keys guarantees complete control over the robot's operation. In this case, scammers or other traders will not be able to access it. Another nice thing is that Superalgos does not require registration on its website. This eliminates the need to transfer specific personal data to third parties.
Communication Superalloys are open to communication with users. To do this, they created accounts in social networks and groups in instant messengers. You can also receive answers through the feedback form available on the company's website. At the same time, it is worth remembering that all services are provided free of charge, so it is impossible to count on a quick consideration of the application. You will be able to get answers more quickly on the Superalgos forum. It has the same simple interface as the site, making it convenient and pleasant.
Versatility The robot from the Superalgos developer is suitable for experienced and novice traders. In the first case, it allows you to expand trading opportunities and reduce risks. Beginners will like the bot with its free status, simple interface, and the ability to earn good money from the first minutes of work.
Full automation The trading tool can work without the constant supervision of the trader. This feature saves time and effort, which is good for the user's health. Saved tens of minutes can be used for more enjoyable activities. Also, the robot never loses vigilance, so it does not make stupid mistakes that lead to the loss of most of the invested funds.
Interface The trading platform and the robot interface are in English. There is no alternative to it, so users who do not speak English will have to use translators. This will create specific difficulties and complicate the process of operating the bot. However, after a few days, the trader adapts to the new conditions, and this problem will cease to exist.
Exchanges Supported
Customer Support


All trading instruments are different, so you need to consider their strengths and weaknesses before using them. This knowledge will help evaluate the robot's capabilities and prepare it in advance for unpleasant surprises.


Pros Cons
Brand awareness Secrecy of the company
Good reputation Lack of information about the effectiveness of the bot
Own trading platform Ineffective customer support
Free access
Work in automatic mode
Support 24/7
Compatibility with different operating systems
The simplicity of operation
Much information on the developer's site

The degree of effectiveness of Superalgos bot everyone decides for himself. In any case, this trading tool will be helpful for traders. Having studied all its features, you can make the most of the advisor's capabilities and get some benefit from it.

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