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Many WeTalkTrade reviews do not provide a complete picture of the company. To achieve this, we have collected all the available information that will be useful to every trader. The vendor started work in mid-2009. Then and now, he specializes in developing trading signals, the popularity of which is growing every year. WeTalkTrade is registered in the USA. It does not provide any additional information, so none of the clients know about the composition of the development team and the nuances of the company's activities.

WeTalkTrade has an English website. It is pretty informative, so it will be interesting for interested users to walk through its sections. Also, traders can use the application for mobile devices, which is constantly updated and becomes more convenient to use every time. It has a small volume and can be installed without problems, even on slightly outdated gadgets.

The vendor offers its clients two cooperation plans. The most popular of them is "Basic." It is free, and you can use it for as long as possible. Such a plan includes access to all asset classes and receiving instant notifications. The disadvantages of the free version are limited support, lack of copy trading, and not the highest percentage of successful transactions. All of the above penalties are absent in the paid plan. It costs $79.99, which you have to pay every month. For this money, it becomes possible to use copy trading and receive daily support. In addition, the probability of success of transactions is the maximum possible.

Important nuances

After deciding whether to use WeTalkTrade services, you should choose a paid or free plan. Before doing this, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the operation of the system. This will help you better understand all the nuances and get helpful information that will come in handy in the future.

Operating procedure:

  1. After the signals are launched, the system studies and analyzes the situation on the market. This process is automatic, so traders do not need to take any action.
  2. As soon as the probability of success of a particular transaction becomes high, the system generates signals and sends them to the user. At the same time, the incoming tips correspond to all the parameters set by the trader.
  3. The user opens a trade on his own or with the help of a copy-trading application.
  4. The system generates a signal when the optimal moment for closing it comes up. When trading in manual mode, it will be enough for a trader to listen to the prompts. The transaction is completed immediately after the signal arrives if the automatic mode is used.

Before using WeTalkTrade signals, there are a few essential things to consider. This will avoid unpleasant situations that will create a negative image of the vendor.

Important nuances:

  1. Several signals. In most cases, cooperation with WeTalkTrade allows you to receive 5-6 signals per day. They can arrive at any time of the day for five days a week. In this case, the interval between such notifications can be any.
  2. Trading assets. Signals from WeTalkTrade can affect almost all currency pairs. However, they often concern USD, GBP, JPY, EUR, and other base currencies.
  3. TP and SL. In the case of automatic signals copying, all opened deals are protected by taking profit and stopping loss. SL eliminates enormous losses if the given hint is inaccurate and the price chart starts to move in an undesirable direction. TP will help you lock in profits before the asset value reverses.
  4. Economic calendar. WeTalkTrade gives all users access to information about various economic events worldwide. This data is presented, so it is easy to determine their impact on traded assets. Thanks to this, it will be possible to predict the further movement of the price chart several hours ahead and use the information to profit.
  5. Win rate. The company claims that more than 80% of the generated signals allow you to benefit from ongoing transactions. This is a reasonably high figure compared to WeTalkTrade's competitors. However, in practice, it often turns out that this percentage is slightly overestimated. This is due to the influence of various factors. In reality, traders can expect a win rate of 60-65%.
  6. Information content. WeTalkTrade has a special section dedicated to Forex trading on the official web resource. It contains dozens of articles on this topic, each of which will be useful in a given situation. The information content is of high enough quality, so beginners can use it to learn the various nuances of the work.

Exchanges Supported
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Advantages and disadvantages

Numerous benefits prove the quality of the signals provided by WeTalkTrade. They help traders to work successfully and achieve their goals. The company's products also have several drawbacks, knowing in advance that you can avoid more serious problems when using specific tools.

Pros Cons
the possibility of free use lack of detailed information about the vendor
the affordable price of a paid plan no data on risks
convenient application for mobile devices there is no possibility of viewing reports
a high percentage of successful transactions
the efficiency of work on any assets
copy trading
simple user interface
informative site
24/7 customer support (paid plan)

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