Intuitive Machines Inc. Stock Decline Continues

Intuitive Machines stock falls as Odysseus moon-lander mission faces challenges. Impact on NASA's Artemis program. Recent lunar exploration developments.

Stock Market Update

Get the latest updates on pre-market trading movement, futures and commodities, and highlights from previous trading sessions. Stay informed on major indices an...

TPG Telecom Reports 90% Decline in Annual Profit

TPG Telecom reports a 90% decline in annual profit, maintaining final dividend while facing challenges. Revenue slightly increased amidst absence of one-off gai...

Yemeni Rebels Cause Environmental Disaster

Yemeni Houthi rebels' attack on cargo ship leads to oil spill in Red Sea, raising environmental concerns and disrupting trade routes.

Nvidia's Miraculous Ascent

Nvidia's stock value exceeds $1.9 trillion, outperforming major world economies, sets new records in market cap growth and AI product demand.

ACCO Brands Sales Forecast Decline

ACCO Brands experiences stark decline in stock value after projecting sales decrease for 2024, missing analyst estimates.

Nvidia Corp. Nearing $2 Trillion Milestone

Nvidia Corp. poised to become third U.S. company to hit $2 trillion market cap, fueled by impressive earnings surge and rapid growth trajectory.

Warner Bros. Discovery Inc. Stock Decline

Warner Bros. Discovery Inc. faces stock decline after reporting wider-than-expected loss and lower revenue in Q4.

Frontier Communications Revenue Decline

Frontier Communications sees a revenue decrease in Q4, offset by fiber network expansion. CEO expresses confidence in future growth plans.

Innovative Investment Opportunity: Trading Claims on Bankrupt FTX

Discover a novel way to benefit from Nvidia's success by trading claims on bankrupt FTX, leveraging cryptocurrency appreciation and ownership stakes in AI compa...