MDA Reports Rise in Profit and Revenue

MDA reports impressive rise in profit and revenue in Q4, driven by strong performance in robotics and space operations. Optimistic outlook for future growth.

Lagardere Shares Take a Hit

Lagardere shares decline after disclosing decreased net profit for 2023, missing analyst expectations despite revenue growth. Targets for 2024 outlined.

Glanbia's Strong Financial Performance

Glanbia sees substantial profit rise, plans share buyback to enhance shareholder value. Future growth forecasted.

Global Market Update

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Hong Kong's Economic Budget 2024-2025

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Consumer Companies Earnings Report

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Nvidia Dominating U.S. Options Market

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iRobot Corp. Stock Surges

iRobot Corp. beats analysts' expectations with strong financial performance, despite revenue drop. Facing challenges with Amazon acquisition setback and CEO cha...