Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Receives Approval for Higher Dose of Vision Loss Treatment

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals has been approved to offer higher doses of their vision loss treatment Eylea HD, leading to increased stock expectations on Wall Stree...

Nikola Raises Funds through Bond Sale

Nikola, the electric truck start-up, raises funds through convertible bond sale while facing challenges related to a recent recall.

Asia-Pacific Stocks: Hong Kong Declines, Japan Rises

Asia-Pacific stocks show mixed performance with Hong Kong declining and Japan rising. Hang Seng Index drops by 1.8% in Hong Kong while Nikkei 225 in Japan sees...

Market Updates

The article provides updates on various market segments including US futures, European market, Wall Street Journal Dollar Index, commodity prices, bond yields,...

Thungela Resources Adjusts Production and Cost Guidance for 2021

Thungela Resources, a South African coal miner, adjusts production and cost guidance for 2021 due to declining profit and revenue. The revised estimates, update...

Fulcrum Utility Services to Cancel Share Listing on London's AIM

Fulcrum Utility Services plans to cancel its share listing on London's AIM to cut costs and streamline operations, after reporting widened losses and declining...

Reliance Worldwide Maintains Dividend After 1.7% Rise in Annual Profit

Australian plumbing supplies group Reliance Worldwide maintains dividend after 1.7% increase in annual profit, aiming to preserve margins amidst lower demand.

Thailand Shares Reversal Ends Winning Streak

Thailand SET Index falls, top decliners and gainers, regional highlights, and currency update in Southeast Asia and Asia-Pacific.

Facebook Users Can Still Claim Settlement for Data Scandal

Facebook users have a limited time to claim their portion of the $725 million settlement in the Cambridge Analytica data scandal. Submit a claim by August 25th...

Rivian's Stock Drops After Tesla Unveils Cybertruck

Shares of Rivian Automotive Inc. experience a decline following Tesla's Cybertruck unveiling. Analysts express concerns about competition and development costs.